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‘What is this shoe?!’ were my exact words when I first saw the sock boots on the VETEMENTS runway in 2016. As a huge fan of vetements everything they put out looks good to me no matter how weird but this particular style of shoe didn’t sit well with me. Then came the YEZZY version in 2017 and since then almost every high end designer from Fendi to Balenciaga and even fast fashion brands like Zara has a sock boot on retail and it’s 2018 now but it don’t seem like the sock boots are leaving anytime soon. This shoe trend has finally rubbed off on me and in today’s post I’m sharing with you how I styled my own DIY Sock Boots.

What I’m Wearing :

Top : Thrifted
Jeans : Thrifted
Shoe : DIY
Bag : Street Vendor (find similar here)
Glasses : IG Vendor

One of my favorite things about fashion is you can be anywhere you want to be just by dressing up like people there. It’s New York fashion week in a couple of days and this look was inspired by my desire to attend New York fashion week someday soon. The sock boots did an amazing job putting the whole outfit together as one would ordinarily pair this outfit with sneakers but I’m not a sneakers type of girl so yes to the boots. Another reason I love this sock boots trend is that unlike normal leather boots which aren’t too practical here in Nigeria due to the hot climate, the sock boots are pretty lightweight and airy so if you are boot lover living in a hot climate region, this is an excellent choice.

As Zara which is the brand whose sock boot I can manage to afford doesn’t ship to Nigeria and I ain’t got no DHL money, I decided to wear my socks over my Zara court shoes gifted to me by a dear friend to create the sock boot illusion and according to my Instagram fam, I created the perfect illusion. If you’d like to learn to DIY this, you can watch this YouTube video (it’s too easy peasy that’s why I’m not making my own tutorial).

I almost did not want to publish this post because if you know me, you’d know this boot thing is totally way out of my comfort zone but I just really wanted to give it a trial to explore and broaden my styling horizon. After posting a photo on Instagram last night, the amount of good compliments I got was so unbelievable and mind blowing I’d be damned if I didn’t go through with publishing this post. One lesson I took out of this is, you never know what you’d do that will take you to a place of success, so step out of your comfort zone, do that thing your heart is telling you to do because true success and happiness might just be the result that awaits you.

Love always…

What do you think of this look? Will you rock the sock boots? Let me know your thoughts by leaving me a comment below, thanks.


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