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On entering the venue of the Youskin beauty brunch, I froze immediately. Seated in the very beautifully set up room were the likes of Ezinne of beautyinlagos, Kaylah a renowned media personality, Ozinna Anumudu, Traciee an amazing interior decorated, Arese of thesmartmoneywoman, Cassie a medical doctor/blogger etc and I was just thinking ‘what is ordinary school girl Ifeoma doing here?’ but one of my favorite things about finding myself in the midst of older, more experienced people is that I get to learn a few things or more that many of my peers might not know. In today’s post, I’d be sharing the top 3 beauty tips I learnt at the YouSkin beauty brunch for the launch of their vitamin c serum.


This has nothing to do with getting creams or makeup with sunscreen in them, we were advised to get actual sunscreens as high as SPF 50 if you live in a hot climate region such as Nigeria. I’ve never felt bad about not owning something as much as I did after the founder of YouSkin beauty talked about how important sunscreens are.


Although not much was explained about this, it was discussed that soaps especially ones made into bars aren’t any good for the face and this includes our all time favorite black soaps. We were advised to invest in facial cleansers instead and in the words of Yewande of shelovesthefinerthingsclean&clear is trash!


This is one thing I learnt yesterday that I’m really going to try out as soon as possible. I learnt that it’s not enough to read about my skincare routine and automatically assume these products will work for you, that’s kinda like self medication and we know how harmful that can be.

It was such a fun, amazing and insightful day for me. I missed out on eating the yummy food from labrioche this time around as I can barely dig into food at events except I’m out to eat (struggles of a non food lover) but being in the midst of such well to do women definitely filled my stomach and had me even more charged to seize every moment I get and to make an impact in my community. I got a gift box from the Youtopia Team and I can’t wait to include the vitamin C serum in my routine.

Ps : I took these photos with my own camera (yup I finally did that!!)

Ps (ps) : You can watch me unbox this today on my instastory.

Love always…

Have you heard any of these tips? Do you use a vitamin c serum? Do share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below, thanks.



  1. 1. I’m jealous you sat with Arese Ugwu.. the closest I’ve been is a book reading
    2. This skincare thing is work o .. I’ve been cherishing black soap moments o
    Love you


  2. From the beginning of the post, I kept on wondering,’Did Ifeoma take these pictures? They are sooo good’, then I got to the end, and I was like Yesssss!
    Also, congratulations on getting the camera!!! Happy for you.
    I really should get a Vit C serum, been hearing so much about it. I can’t believe Mrs. Thorpe said clean and clear is trash, wawu, I need to re-evaluate my skincare life. I do think there are some bar soaps made specifically for the face due to their pH balance (e.g SebaMed), so it isn’t completely ruled out.
    Very infromative post, Ifeoma.


  3. Well, I ditched facial cleansers because most of them contains alcohol which dries out my skin (I have dry skin by the way) except for the face wash I recently indulged in. On hearing this this now, the only thing that comes to my mind is ” So which one are we going to use?”

    I stopped using bar soaps a long time ago when I noticed that my skin was reacting badly to them, especially the medicated one, so I totally agree with that.

    Ps: the pictures are really nice.



  4. So ummm… I first heard of this event via Cassie Daves and I feel like we need more enlightenment.
    1. Can the average Nigerian afford sunscreen? What are the benefits of sunscreen? We’ve been doing fine without it or let me speak for me. I can easily google these things but I’m just one out of 186 Million.
    2. Bar soaps are bad for skin, Okay! “So so brand” is trash Noted! Which cleansers do they recommend? Last I checked some of the cleansers available also contain harmful chemicals.
    3. How many of us can afford or even have reason to see dermatologist?
    I really hope YouTopia Beauty has plans to educate Nigerians at large not just those who have an active social media presence. I’m hoping to be informed and also provided with alternatives.
    To be honest, I never really had a skin care routine for personal reasons but now that I’ve decided to take that route, I’ll love to do it the right way.
    Anyway, love the pictures. You came through as usual and I still don’t get this your “Not A Food Lover” Life ooo. All that free food and you no chop Ah! Issok!!


  5. Well, you go girl!!! I feel so bad now I missed out on this but the way schooling in Ogun State is set up…. at least I can live life through your eyes in the meantime. To all my clean and clear girls….are we really ditching this product?


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