Disclaimer : This is me playing dress up…

Growing up in Nigeria has been a great experience, filled with lots of good ideologies that I’d be holding on to forever and also a lot very bad ones that I’m currently trying to purge my 20something year old of. One of these bad ideologies is blaming myself or how I’m dressed for men misconducting themselves when they behold the beauty that I am. This, I will take about later this week but in today’s post I’d be sharing with you an outfit that you won’t catch me wearing outside the empty BRT bus that these photos were taken in.

What I’m Wearing :
Dress : Thrifted
Blazer : Thrifted
Glasses : Street Vendor
Shoe : Gift
Bag : Street Vendor (similar here)

I thrifted the cami top because not only was it really affordable (as usual), the check print is totally very much in season and very spot on on the 2018 trend list. One of the perks of being 5’3 is that most blouses for tall people end up serving as mini dresses to me and this check piece wasn’t an exception. I decided to pair it with this polka dot blazer for some cover up and also to create a mixed print look with a monochrome feel which after pairing them together and looking in the mirror, I said to myself ‘this is a masterpiece’.

While I really always want to add value to you after you read my blog even if it’s just in the style aspect of your life, I just really wanted to play dress up in this masterpiece of an outfit because having all my cellulites and chest adipose tissue on display automatically makes this outfit inappropriate to any occasion for me but I’d still like for you to imagine the dress could cover a little more or just opt for a longer version incase you’d like to replicate this look as it will make for a really nice not basic office or formal occasion look. I plan to style this check dress in several other wearable ways and I can’t wait to share with you!! Anyways happy new week darling, I wish us all the courage and strength to reach for everything we want and desire.

Love always…

What do you think of this outfit? Too short for you? Have you ever had to dress in a certain way for to avoid men making advances at you? I’d really love to hear from you, kindly leave a comment below, thanks.



  1. Awesome, awesome post as usual, but dammmnnn, you need to add on the insta post that this one includes a huge reveal, like how are you just 5’3?? Like see you sure? Lol. Maddd. Midgeting never looked so good tbh, you’ve totally owned it.
    Plus you could totally try this with a pantyhose and create that socks boots illusion thing but then again, I must be preaching to the choir.
    Keep killing it wcm (midget). 🏃🏃 Cheers.


  2. This outfit is definitely something I’ll wear. Well, my dress would definitely have to be longer but I’m so wearing this to work, meetings even Fashion week.
    By the way, your dress looks more like Plaid than Check. I hope it’s not the camera that has distorted the patterns, the Moire effect can be pretty deceitful.

    WanShyGirl Blog


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