Currently listening to Richard Mofe Damijo speak at a conference.


One of my major problems as a blogger isn’t knowing what to write about but choosing which of the many ideas jamming in my head to write about. I couldn’t publish a post yesterday because it was really hard to gather my thoughts together but I didn’t want to leave this space dry and decided to share with you some things I snagged after January payday that I’m loving at the moment.


I only just started using this product a few days ago, actually this past Sunday but I’m super excited about getting it because of the so many amazing reviews I got about it after I asked people on my Instagram if they had tried this product. I got it for less than 3,000naira and I already feel like it’s worth every dime. I’m definitely going to add a review of this product to my skincare column after I use half of the tube.


I’ve always wanted this earring for the longest time after seeing it on the Mango website, Zara and even Shein but because mans is in Nigeria shopping online in this time isn’t very bank account friendly so I bet you can imagine my joy when I found it on an Instagram Vendors page. I snagged this for 1,700naira including delivery fee which is way less than buying it from those international brands, fingers crossed that it doesn’t rust on first wear.


If you know me or follow me on Instagram, you’d most likely know I live on sodas and hardly drink any water but someone recently told me that the reason I’m probably adding weight even while not being a foodie is probably because my metabolism is really slow as there is no water to aid it after all the junk I consume, so I’m ready to make a change and challenge myself to drink at least 600ml of water daily with the help of this fancy bottle.


Somehow I signed up to the FIORELLI newsletter and never unsubscribed because I absolutely loved looking at the photos of their bags and their attention to threading details. Yesterday on my way out, I spotted the logo at yaba, market and almost walked away because I know FIORELLI to be kinda pricey as I’m on a really tight budget this month but I followed my no harm in asking the price thrift rule and behold, the vendor requested for just 2,500naira which I beat down to 1,500naira.


Okay this is not an actual product but I recently just started my thrift shop and I made these ribbons for packaging that I’m absolutely in love with. I’m actually keeping a roll to myself and hopefully I get to share with you how you can update your look with packaging ribbons. Do be sure to follow @girlinbasicstheshop on Instagram!!

I sincerely hope that you weren’t bored reading because I plan to share more posts like this on a monthly basis interchangeably with my Currently I Am posts, so do be sure to let me know what you think of this new category on this blog. Do have an amazing new week ahead lovely.

Love always…

What do you think of this new category? How much water do you consume? Do share your thoughts on the listed products with me, as I’d love to hear them.


26 thoughts on “THE EDITOR’S PICK | ISSUE 1

  1. The neutrogena scrub is def a must buy and those earrings…Gorge!!! Of late I haven’t been consuming enough water and its really having an effect on me. Need to do something about it fast!


  2. I have tried the cleanser version of the scrub, it was meh, but I really hope that it does great for you as I remember one of my favourite bloggers Shirley B Eniang highly recommending the scrub. You got it at a steal for that price, I have seen it at about 5000 Naira in most places.
    Is it weird that I want the Girl In Basics ribbons, it is superrr cute! Well done Ifeoma!!
    I liked reading this, but I would like to know, is the concept like that of a Monthly Haul?


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