Currently listening to DMW | MindIt’s valentines week and what better way to start the week than talking about self love because only one who loves his/herself can truly love another. I asked my instagram fam to share with me what self love means to them, how they show love to themselves and in today’s post, I’d be sharing my favorite replies.

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– “Forgiving myself and seeing my self the way God sees me” @pixelatedpassion

– “Self love is a lot to me and it’s pretty simple. Self love doesn’t just mean loving yourself, it’s knowing your flaws, shortcomings, negatives and putting in effort to be the best of yourself” @ibiso.kio.harry

– “It means in order for anything to be balanced in your life you first need to understand that your well being in all aspects, (emotionally, spiritually. Mentally and physically) must be in tact. Just like the airlines warn; you should first put your breathing mask on before you try to assist another passenger in case of emergency” @aminameendesign

– “The ability to accept myself for the reasons that people would not. The ability to stand for myself when no one stands for me, Self love is the gift I give to myself, cos at the end of the day you can’t get no one to live you, if you don’t love yourself” @temi.ladejobi


– “A lot of thinking, accepting, assuring… Most times making decisions that no one would understand yet, being kind. Also I can just get ice cream and give myself some good loving” @temi.ladejobi

– “I buy myself nice shoes” @MarvinUche

– “By showing love to others..Their happiness brings fulfilment” @ninii.eee

– “I like to relax and have alone time. This time alone is precious to me. I learn and grow from it” @Aminameendesign

Personally to me, self love is not beating yourself over things beyond your control and letting God’s will be done while making conscious efforts to keep your mind happy. I hope you liked these replies as much as I did and taken due notes to love yourself wholeheartedly henceforth.

Love always…What does selflove mean to you and how do you show love to yourself? I’d totally love to hear from you, do leave me a reply below, thanks.


8 thoughts on “SELF-LOVE | WHAT AND HOW

  1. Ifeoma, reading this just boosted my morale, I recently did something I’m not so proud of, been beating myself over it,but reading these expression of self love made me understand I have to accept and forgive myself, try to be a better person before I can show love to others, SELF LOVE IS PARAMOUNT xoxo


  2. i totally agree with your definition of self love,towards the end of last year I decided to stop stressing myself and just letting God take control and best believe that has been the best decision I have taken so far.
    Lovely post,I’m glad I stopped by 🙂


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