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Is it just me that thinks February is going by so fast and needs to slow down a bit? I spent the most part of yesterday writing this blogpost as to be honest I’m not a good teacher, so it was really tasking writing this post and I was trying to get as much questions as possible sent in by people that I didn’t even realize it was already 10pm which had me deciding to leave this in my drafts and publish it today. Anyway I think I’ve been able to gather as much questions as I could and in this post as the title suggests, I’d be answering the top 5 most asked questions about my instastories.

Question 1 : How do you know what to post?

I was really taken unawares when people asked me this because it’s like you asking me ‘how do you know to breathe in oxygen?’. I really don’t plan my instastories ahead of time, it’s just me walking on the road and if something catches my eyes, let’s say for example i spot cute flowers or the sunset looks nice, you bet I’m swinging out my phone to take a photo or make a video. One thing I’d say though is, if you want to be able to curate interesting stories you must first realize that you are telling a story. So when snapping away or recording videos, you should try as much as possible to be in the moment but also try to make them in sync with eachother. This keeps people engaged and interested in seeing what the next post is.

Question 2 : What apps do you use?

You would be surprised to find out that most of my posts, I edit them right there and then in the instastory feature as I’m usually always creating on the go but on days when I want to get extra, I use FLIPAGRAM, yes flipagram!! The possibilities are endless with that app, all you have to do is wear your creative thinking cap.

Question 3 : How do you make posts fit in?

Opposing popular belief, I usually put my videos or photos in a box, not because I’m trying to make them fit in but because they look cooler that way (hides face). I always record my videos and take photos with the instastory camera because it saves me the stress of trying to make things fit in but on days when I use my phone camera, I take the videos and photos in a way that the subject to be televised is positioned in the center, so when I upload it to my instastory it fits in perfectly. The app I use to put the videos in a box is CROPVIDEOS. This might not be the best app for you because although it’s free, it still comes with in app purchases and you only get the white background till you go PRO and thankfully you can now resize on Instagram so you might not be needing any app.

Question 4 : How do you get a solid background?

This so far is the easiest question I got as I can easily explain it. All I do is

1. Take a random photo using the instastory camera

2. With the draw/paint feature provided on instastory, I pick a color and then instead of just tapping a spot, I hold down and the screen gets filled with my choice color. (I will do a tutorial on this on my instastory tonight)

Question 5 : How do you add music to your videos?

Most times when I see something instastory worthy, I play a song from my phone that I believe will suit what I’m about to capture and then record away. The instastory microphone feature automatically picks up the sound of the music coming from my phone speaker. On other days I just go to my Flipagram app, upload video, add music of choice and that’s it.


⁃ You are you and that’s your strongest link. You might end up being stressed and feeling inadequate if you try to make instastories like me. Allow me inspire you but at the same time, stay true to your vibe because that way it will be easier create your magic in a way that people will marvel at.

⁃ Walk/work alone regularly as it opens your mind up and eyes to things in your surroundings that you might not notice with people around you.

⁃ Let your imagination run wild!!! Don’t be obsessed with the aesthetics and follow what your eyes fancies, you’d be surprised at how trying to fit in is actually holding you back on being your most creative self. Also when you get a new app, try out all the features it comes with.

⁃ I’ve always wanted the Kirakira app but it’s not a free app. As a weirdo that actually studies my App Store and the pay attention to the apps recommended, I stumbled on the sparkle app which works just like the Kirakira. Moral lesson of this short story : Research is key!!

I hope this post was insightful for you as I’m just really out here on a journey of adding value to you in my own little way in this corner of the internet I’ve found myself in. Honestly speaking, all it takes is for you to creative at heart to be able to tell beautiful stories. You can also check out these two posts written wishwish by and MossOnyi for more insight on instastories.

PS : Always clean your camera lens before making a video or taking a photo!!

Love always…

What’s your favorite editing app? Do you curate your instastories? Was this post any helpful to you? Kindly let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.



  1. As always this was a very insightful post. I am glad you have taken time to pen this down for those who have been wondering how to curate great insta stories.
    However I strongly believe that it depends on the individual. I might know this apps but still be lazy to use them. I might try to copy someone else and fail woefully at this.

    So I conclude by saying, dear creatives explore Your Own abilities and find your strength. Only then can you be unique.


  2. Curating bomb ass instastories is def a personal thing because you have to be able to connect with your content. Everyday I look for creative ways on how to engage my followers. Currently my favorite app has to be inshot cos it gives me a variety of borders, filters and effects.


  3. Yes it was helpful, that background color thing, I’m going to try it out right away. Thanks babygirl. My favorite editing apps are face tune 2 and the Oslo filter from Instagram stories 😁


  4. Lmaooo! At the tip at the end. I was wondering what happened with the photos in this post, whether it was a filter thing or just a dirty lens. Now I know. Great tips! Your Instastories are drool worthy but I know to stay in my lane so I don’t burn myself out. I’m quite content watching everyone do their thing with all their fancy apps. No doubt you’ve invested a LOT into your Instastories. Keep it up!


    Liked by 1 person

  5. This is so helpful and insightful as usual. I like the ‘let me inspire you but you just do you part which is so important. I’m late lol, but I can’t wait to put the tips into practice. You go girl , keep it up!


  6. Hyperlapse & stop motion are my go-to!!!! I particularly love the first point about staying true to telling a story. The cleaning your lens part is actually me every time 😂👌🏽, because there are times when the lens of your phone can be clouded leaving you wondering why your pictures are not coming out as great.


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