It’s women history month and your girl already made history!!! Last week Thursday, during the social media week Lagos, I was privileged to be a part of it for the first time and not only was I in attendance, I was a speaker at one of the events. It was such a big deal for me to be speaking at the creatives connect building tribes and making an impact through digital influence event alongside amazing people like the founder of popular Nigerian makeup brand YANGABEAUTY, YouTuber, actor and host Akah Nnani and amazon best seller Ederin Edewor. I suffered anxiety the day before because I really couldn’t believe I was seen worthy to be a part of the panel. Anyway in today’s post I’m going to be sharing what I wore and why I wore it, also a few things I learnt from the other panelists.


Shirt : Thrifted

Pants : Thrifted

Slides : IG @sandalsbymo

Bag : Thrifted

I decided to wear an oversized outfit majorly for comfort, to hide my anxiety beneath my clothes and thankfully that worked just fine. I was so comfortable not trying to ‘suck belle’ or ‘sit right’ and all of that because you could barely see my body through my clothes and because of how everything flowed, I appeared confident and effortlessly chic.


⁃ You have a book in you. Ederin shared how God has put in each of us, a book that another person will read and experience that life changing moment they’ve been seeking.

⁃ Akah shared how asking everyone around him including the security man who most people will think has no knowledge about being a show host what they think he can do better behind the camera helped him get accustomed to being behind the camera and be good at it.

⁃ Jon another speaker also advices that you have to do what you have to do first to be where you want to be. For example if you want to be a product photographer like me, you’d have to start taking product photos first for brands to recognize you and want to work with you.

⁃ Ederin also shared that sharing her story genuinely helped her gain good audience, so if you are looking to grow your audience, be very genuine with the voice you have.

⁃ All the speakers including myself all agreed that CONSISTENCY IS KEY in building a tribe and making an impact.

Bonus Tip : Create a mailing list!!

There you have it guys, my top five tips from the session and also my casual laid backer speaker outfit. I’m sorry for the absence, life is coming at me too first and I’m honestly struggling to keep up but I as I’ve always done, I’ve left all that’s happening in my life to God to be my driver so I’m just going wherever he leads. Happy new month, I wish you and yours immense blessings that will cause good history to be made in your life.

Love always…

Was this post any helpful to you? What do you think of my outfit and which woman will you like to celebrate this month? Kindly share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below, thanks.



  1. Congratulations on the speaking event Ifeoma. You are a real time gem and you absolutely deserve all that comes your way. I was going through your Instagram all the way down to 2016 🙈 , and girl, you are the real deal, and for what it is worth, please, never forget that. God bless you!
    I absolutely agree with Ederin that we a have a boom within us, and I intend to fully tell my story! God help us all.


  2. Congrats babe on your first time speaking And I’m tapping into this. Iv been seeing a lot of your tweets lately and I must say whatever you are going through is something that must pass, keep your heads up high and d not allow people or things to get to you.

    I’m actually still waiting for you to check out my blog and leave your comments😉😉


  3. You look stunning as always. I love the colour of the shirt and thanks for sharing these tips, will always have them in mind. Whatever the problem is, God will always come through for his people 💕💕


  4. Yaaay congratulations on being on the panel! I was also on the panel for “Digital Romance” that same day. And I loove love your outfit, very very comfortable. Btw you’re more than worthy to talk on the panel, I have personally learnt a lot from your blog, insta story and Instagram profile. My ig story game is becoming better thanks to your tips and tricks! Keep doing your thing and trust that God will definitely stir you in the direction you’re meant to be! xx
    My Social Media Week Experience + Being on the Panel!


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