Currently listening to BurnaBoy | Heavens GateI cried and cried and cried non stop on Monday morning, I cried so much the Uber driver won’t even let me pay for my ride because I woke up that morning to discover that I had lost all the photos on my camera that were taken in March so far and that includes client photos, a paid collaboration photos and my friends bridal shower photos but the minute I set foot into the Maison de beauti spa, my tears dried up and in today’s post I’m here to share my first ever spa experience with you…


Never been to any other spa before so I can’t really compare but I love that it was airy bright and spacious. They have hair stations, the pedicure and manicure stations and a lounge area for waiting clients.


I absolutely loved the two women that attended to me, one was in charge of my pedicure and the other ‘Nneka’ was my masseuse. I absolutely enjoyed the pedicure which was the first thing I was treated to. It was my first time having another person so my pedicure for me and it was so lovely, I felt well pampered. While I waited for my nail polish to dry, I was treated to coffee, take about an ultimate pamper experience.Tip : It’s advisable to wear a dress other than jeans like I did because you’re going to dip your feet into a cute tub that’s almost as tall as your knees (or maybe I’m just short…)After the pedicure, I was given a robe to change into and it was time for my Suana Steam Bath which Nneka explained will help release a lot of toxins from my body. The steam bath experience was so scary because I hate confined space and all that steam made it worse!! You bet instead of sitting and absorbing the steam, your girl stood by the door sticking her head out from time to time till the suana timer went off after which I took a quick shower to wash off all the sweat and realized toxins in time for my Swedish massage.

Tip : Take of all your metal jewelry so they don’t heat up and burn your skin.

The massage had to be my favorite experience, I’ve not done this before either was you can imagine how glad my muscles were. I was a bit skeptical because I had to get ‘nakey nakey nakey naked’ (sing that in Rihanna’s voice) but after a while I got really comfortable and allowed Nneka do her job. By the end of my massage time, I’d already fallen asleep to show you how relaxing the experience was for me only to be awakened minutes later for facials time!!

Tip : If you are the type involved in a lot of strenuous activities, massages are recommended bimonthly and if you do less strenuous jobs like talking or sitting all day like Nneka made reference to, massages are recommended once a month for you.

My facials was pretty quick as it didn’t take them seconds to realize I barely had problems with my facial skin, only a few blackheads here and there which were duly dealt with and some post period pimples which disappeared the following day.

Tip : To get your skin popping facials are recommended to be done monthly.

Some other service they offer that I didn’t try out are body scrubs, teeth whitening, micro crystal dermabrasion, body waxing etc


Luckily I had all these done on the house but in the spirit of celebrating women this women’s history month especially today being international women’s day, I’ve partnered with Maison de beauti to offer you discounted prices on all services from today the 8th of March 2018 till the 8th of April 2018 (don’t worry, men are welcome too). Below is an image of the promo price list that you can save for easy reference :

I absolutely enjoyed the day even though I started on a teary note, I left the spa at dusk feeling very refreshed. Looking back at that day, I realized I had to allow myself cry out loud as a coping mechanism but also consciously bring myself out of sulking to a happy state of mind and this just goes to prove that your happiness is in your hands. So dear woman, sadness, failure, gloomy days are inevitable but always make the choice of happiness today, tomorrow and forever!!


PS* : If you need a blogger to review your lifestyle brand or space, you can always reach me on (terms & conditions apply).

Love always…

Have you ever heard of maisondebeauti spa? Have you ever been to a spa or tried any of these treatments out? Do share your thoughts and experiences with me by leaving a comment below, thanks.



  1. I love this post, as I’m here day dreaming of a spa day; how pampered I’ll feel and all that 😊
    I guess going to the spa was needed to get your mind off the pictures you lost. Sorry about that dear, you’ll be fine.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So sorry about losing all those photos. You should totally talk to a tech guy or something you just might be able to recover them. I’ve never been to a spa but the thought of my body being pampered and cared for sounds appealing especially when you reside in a toxic city like Lagos.


  3. I once lost all my important blog/work photos as a result of a simple mishap. It hurt. It HURTS!!! I’m glad you let it all out and crowned it with a relaxing treat. You create better photos.


  4. My day started badly also today, I was meant to get my payment for a job today only to get under paid because I’m a student. I read your blog now and I don’t feel so bad anymore.
    I hope you feel better now about your photos. Nice blog post by the way


  5. Lovely pictures and I really envy you. You had an amazing time. I’ve actually heard of them from Tuke and saw a blog post she did . There was a time I was planning to visit but there was no convinient time to visit as I was still doing my housejob. Your experience makes me wanna visit and I think I’m going to do so.


  6. Sorry about your photos. I think you can still recover them if you visit a technician. I’ve never heard of this spa before since I don’t stay in Lagos😊. Going to the spa had always been on my list but seeing this post makes me want to go all the more.It’s sounds great. There’s one in my school but I doubt the experience will be as awesome as yours. Thanks for the tips


  7. All I am asking myself is why it took me this long to discover your blog. Your post is so refreshing and I read every word. Now all I want to do is pick up my bag and go to the spa.


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