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This is the second time I’m visiting Tarkwa Bay, the first time was in December 2017, I badly wanted to tick boarding a boat off my list before 2017 ended that I went on the 29th Of December just 2days till the 1st Of Jan 2018. I loved the experience so much that I was itching to experience it again and this time that I did, I felt totally different and I saw the beach in a totally different light. In today’s post, I’d be sharing with you, five things I think you should do on your next trip to Tarkwa Bay.

What I’m Wearing :

Dress : Thrifted

Woven Bag : Bought on the beach

Inner Bag : Thrifted styled here

Slippers : IG @sandalsbymo

Fan : Souvenir from Tuke’s Wedding by IG @adirepieces

Hat : IG @lemonpips


So from the questions I got on instagram last night, a lot of people didn’t know there are hotels you can stay in if you don’t wanna go home like me although my main reason for staying at the beach was because I got there really late and was too tired to embark on a journey back home. I stayed at the L’Paradise Resort and it was so lovely. It cost me 7,500naira for a night in a fully ensuite room with DSTV to watch the Manchester United game on Saturday.


This is the most beautiful sight I’ve seen in a long while!!!! So beautiful and peaceful, the beach was empty with very few locals tidying up and lots of foreigners trooping in. The sun wasn’t so harsh, had me glowing and feeling like I was getting a good dose of Vitamin D but I’d advise you walk along the shore of the sea to avoid your feet burning up from the heat emitted from the beach sand.


Her stall is just at the back of the extreme end of the beach, don’t haaaaaa yet as the beach isn’t so big and takes less than 5minutes to get to the extreme end. With just 900naira I got two plates of food filled to the brim (imagine Mount Everest) and bottles of Coca-Cola which y’all already know is my fav. The meal was so tasty and filling I’m craving it right now.


So unlike most of the other beaches in Lagos, Tarkwa Bay is more private and has less touts. Everyone is just there having fun and minding their business to even notice that you are wearing a bikini. The locals are used to seeing people in bikini I’m guessing it’s because they have lots of tourists coming to visit and most of them come dressed in bikinis. They also have people who sell really cute looking ones just incase you forget to pack your bikini.


Or just do frog jumps in the water and pretend that you’re swimming. Never ever have I immersed my entire body in a sea water body and boy it felt so good!!! The water was warm at the shore and as I went further in it got so cool I didn’t want to come out. Thankfully being a small beach and on an island surrounded by people who’s home is at the bay, Tarkwa Bay is really clean and the water so clear. Only con is that it’s really salty but I had my shades on to protect my eyes.

This weekend was filled with so many first times for me that I’d remember it forever. Like I mentioned in my previous beach post, spending time at this beach is very affordable and just goes further to teach me that you don’t necessarily need lots of money to experience like and be truly happy, all it takes is the desire to try new things and find joy in the little things life brings to your shore. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you are looking for a good getaway, the beach is always a good idea.

Love always…

Did you enjoy this post? Have you ever worn a bikini in public? Do leave me your thoughts by posting a comment below, thank you.


18 thoughts on “THE 5 | THINGS TO DO AT TARKWA BAY

  1. Lol, I was low key searching for a bikini picture. But you always make everything so beautiful Ifeoma.


  2. yes oo, I’ve worn a bikini before with my pot-belly looool. Ok now im gingered! Please SIA full deets on the whole trip, pricing and all plus you looked really beautiful and that dress is gorgeous on you.

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  3. This is a great post and I love reading about your experience at the Tarkwa Bay. I have heard a lot of good things about it and I think you did Justice to it. I will really love to visit here on my next visit to Lagos.


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