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On opening my instagram timeline morning before I started typing this blogpost, I saw three posts from three different blogger babes @beeyuteeful, @metrogypsie and @charliekamale, wearing POLKA DOT and all based in different countries around the world. This was honestly all the morale I needed to write this post about POLKA DOTS being the IT print in fashion right now.

What I’m Wearing :

Polka dot set : TheNaleGirl
Bag : Bar Beach Market
Slides : IG @nyneandnuel

I’m a huge sucker for monochromatic prints but I’d rather do stripes than polka dots because I honestly thought it was outdated. Surprisingly, in 2018, a lot of ready to wear brands have a polka dot piece or more in their collection just like how every other fashion item we thought was outdated from bum bags, to plaid, then tiny glasses etc are back on the fashion scenes, polka dot is back too!!

This set from TheNaleGirl just like this dress has become a wardrobe favorite of mine. Asides from the fact I can wear it a gazillion number of ways and my love for all things off shoulder, my best thing about this set is how well the pants fit me. As a girl with a derrière and much slimmer waist, it’s so hard finding the perfect pair of pants. It’s usually either the waist is too big or the pants can’t move past my thighs but this particular pants right here is PERFECTION.

After reading this post, don’t say I ain’t done nothing for you because now you know to grab some polka dots items now it’s still cheap and affordable before it’s announced at the end of 2018 on the list of ‘2019 wardrobe must haves’. Do enjoy this new week and stay glued to this little corner of mine on the World Wide Web for more content.

Love always…

What’s your take on wearing polka dots? Which is your go to print? Stripes or polka dots? Kindly let me know your thoughts about this post by leaving me a comment below, thanks



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