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It’s always such a hassle for me to describe my style, honestly I just wear what I like, when I like it. It’s a little embarrassing when people say ‘describe your style in two words’ because even if I’m given all the words in the dictionary, I’m still clueless but if there is one question I can answer about my style at the flip of my hair is ‘what outfit will you pick if you have to wear one outfit for the rest of your life’… (to find out my answer keep scrolling)

What I’m Wearing :

White Tee : Thrifted (Divided)
Jeans : Thrifted
Shoe : Thrifted (added bandannas for a little more spice)

Dated back to the 1910s when white tees were worn by the navy men as underwear then to Chanel pairing it with their tweed jackets, the classic white crew neck cotton jersey T-shirt have come a long way and I’m super glad to be born in a century where they aren’t worn as underwear but as chic outerwears especially when paired with the classic blue jeans. Yes that’s it, the classic white tee and blue jeans is my all time go-to combo.

I was attending an artsy event organized by everythingnaart and due to my exams coming soon I barely had anything to pick an outfit prior to the day so that afternoon I just picked out my white tee from divided although thrifted and paired it with a clean pair of blue Jeans. After getting dressed my roommate said to me ‘I love this outfit, so simple yet classy’ and you bet that put a huge smile on my face. This T-shirt and jeans combo is a good canvas in the art of dressing up because you can dress it up or down and it works perfectly for every occasion.

Perks of having a uniform is that it saves you time getting dressed and you always look good effortlessly because your uniform should definitely be something that flatters your figure. As much as I struggle every time to fit into my jeans (sometimes even cry), I still pretty much love them for how functional even though I can’t wait for the time I can finally ditch all my jean trousers and live in all the pretty dresses of my dreams to shock all that have labeled me the denim girl #labelsareforclothes. Here’s me checking in this new week and using the opportunity to wish you a great week ahead.

Love always…

What’s your go to outfit? What do you think of these photos? Do you have a uniform? I’d absolutely love to hear from you, do leave me a comment below, thanks.



  1. I can wear denim every day, all day, all year long and not be tired. I am trying to incorporate more loose fitting and versatile dresses into my wardrobe though because it’s beginning to look like I have a denim jinx hanging over my head.. Lol
    Ifeoma you do know how to make everything look good. Can I call you the Marilyn Monroe of our time, because I trust you can wear sacks and still pull it off.

    Plus I love the touch the flower added to this look.


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