I’ve been mia for a lirru bit because exams and a whole lot more other things you can put together and give a general term ‘life’ happened but thanks to an amazing brand known as FAAB Clothing a pret-a-porter an online fashion brand for dragging me out of my shell. The faab clothing brand is all about comfort and affordability. Their designs are stylish yet timeless for women who are constantly on the move and does not care about trends or what is in vogue right now.  Inline with this, alot of FAAB designs are very easy to wear from shorts to flared dresses, bubus, playsuits and so on. In today’s post and a couple more posts this week, I’d be sharing with you some of my favorite picks from the brand.

What I’m Wearing :


Shoe : New look

Bag : ASOS

Earring : Ocha

My favorite things about this outfit aka the CADNE SET, is how it makes for a perfect alternative to the usual Monday blues as I’ve styled it for work on this post, the tailoring is also perfect but my only con is the fact that although true to size, the blouse and pants are a little bit longer than seen on the model because I’m down to earth, a physical feature you humans call short. If you’re down to earth like me, the blouse is long enough to serve as a mini dress you can totally wear for an after work outing.Red isn’t a color you’d regularly catch me in even though this red dress is one of my wardrobe favorites but this two piece from faabclothing caught my eye and just as I had imagined (I’m not the only one that does this right?) I looked just right against my skin and I’m already considering purchasing a lot more red pieces. On this note I wish you an amazing new week and can’t wait to share with you all the other FAAB content I’ve got up my sleeves (pun intended).

Ps : This is a sponsored post but all images and words are mine in all sincerity.

Love always…What do you think of a red on red outfit? Will you wear this to work? Do share your thoughts on this post with me by leaving a comment, thanks.



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