Currently listening to Burna Boy | Ye If you follow me on Instagram which I think you absolutely should be doing or have read this blog post, you’d know by now that I could live in a white T-shirt and blue jeans if I had to pick only one outfit to wear daily but thankfully I have options and on days when I find my white T-shirt boring, blouses like the AMA TOP FROM FAAB Clothing come to my rescue (yes you guessed right, another post in my FAAB Clothing series)

What I’m Wearing :

Top : FAAB Clothing

Jeans : Thrifted

Shoes : Newlook

Bag : Not so thrifted

Asides from looking cute, you already know your girl is on a budget so I tend to always opt for pieces that are timeless, functional and this made picking the AMA a no brainer for me seeing as you can dress it up with skirts or pants or dress it chic and casual with a pair of jeans like I’ve done.We are often advised not to wear too many trends at once but this sheer and puff sleeve infused top is definitely a hit that I’d definitely wear at every opportunity I get. I’m absolutely enjoying styling these pieces and can’t wait to share my final look with you. I hope you’re having a good week like I am even though I’m honestly looking forward to the weekend.

Love always…What do you think of sheer tops? Will you wear a blouse with exaggerated sleeves? Do let me know what you think of how I styled the AMA blouse by leaving a comment below, thanks.



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