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It’s Friday and it’s also the last day of my Faabclothing series (for now as I honestly hope to work with this brand again). In today’s post, I’m wearing my favorite pieces from the brand, THE NOZI SET. It’s my favorite not because this one isn’t gorgeous or I didn’t turn heads in this piece, it’s because I felt so free and in my own paradise in this outfit…

What I’m Wearing :

Top : Faabclothing

Skirt : Faabclothing

Bag : Art Market

At first I thought the NOZI SET was a dress but on getting it, I discovered it was a two piece set and that made me fall even more in love with this outfit as this meant more styling options. The fluidity of the pieces made me not want to take it off, I danced and twirled and twirled and danced some more till my feet got a little uncomfortable before I could stop. Speaking of feet, due to how long the skirt is, I got away with walking the streets of Lagos on bare feet without people looking at me in a funny way.

In most of the above pictures, I was dreaming, dreaming about wearing long flowing dresses walking on the beach on my island and thankfully, I’ve finally finished my exams for this semester and it’s finally time to unwind, maybe visit the beach or travel to a new city as I’m about to have a three weeks long weekend. I do hope you enjoyed my feature of Faabclothing on the blog as much as I did and do be sure to share with me what you favorite look is.

Love always…

What do you think of this color? Will you rock this outfit? For the series, which is your favorite look? Do share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below, thanks.



  1. I love this shade of green and the fact that its so free. Pairing this outfit with the beige bag that has some brown detail was a perfect idea! would have loved to see more teeth in the picture tho!


  2. Congrats on finishing exams, love how free and floaty the outfit is, your fashion posts are always so peng! They legit inspire me 🙂 Love how the green palm tree on your fingernails matches the green of the outfit, giddem! I got some raffia bags over the weekend and I really just want to go to a beautiful beach or Island so I can take awesome pics! Red lipstick suits you!



  3. your contents are so attractive. just wanted to read the latest blogpost and now I’m stuck to my laptop. I didn’t even know when my boss stood behind me,. who cares…… I’m reading all the post. well done girlll


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