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New month new circles and no I’m not talking about polkadots but about friendships. It’s the last month of the first half of the year and one aspect of my life that I’ve been paying more attention to is friendship because as much as I’d like to deny it, I’m such a bad friend and I’ve come to realize you actually do need people in your corner, to keep you sane especially in trying times.

What I’m Wearing :

Top & Skirt : Thrifted

Shoe : Ameliacouture

Bag : Art Market

Earring : Ocha

I asked a few people what friendship means to them and these three were my favorite replies :

MFON : Friendship is sticking it together forever with annoying people (aka me)

ADANMA : For me friendship is loyalty. Being there for a person in the good times and crazy times and showing up when the person needs you.

SEYITAN : Friendship is sharing, all the joys and all the tears.

It’s my turn now and I’d say friendship to me is being completely selfless towards another person or group of people after putting yourself first and without expecting anything in return.

Then friends, they come in all shapes and sizes. There’s the social media friends, who you’re only friends with in the dms but hide from when you see them in real life, there’s the users, who are only friends with you for what they hope to benefit from you (these ones irk me), all they do is take and never give. Then there are the forever friends, who you see once in a blue moon but feel like no time has passed when you finally do catch up.

Looking back, I’ve had all three categories of friends in my life and for all I’m grateful. Thankfully the users are easy to spot, some of them I’ve cut off while some I’m still leaving to linger. As for the forever friends I have, especially the female ones, I really hope to be a better friend to them because growing up, it was a popular opinion that girls didn’t like each other and all they did was gossip, talk about boys, pull each others hair etc but lately especially this 2018, I’ve made some solid connections with some women I sincerely want in my life because they are everything but what people think female friendships are about which is such an eye opener.

Thinking about this, it is so easy to believe that the world put girls up against girls intentionally because they know we are a force to reckon with when we come together as one. I’m so glad I’ve seen the light about how after Jesus power, girl power comes in second place and I’m totally here for both!! Really hoping to use this month to improve on my communication skills as that’s what makes me a bad friend so I can build a very strong friendship clan and I encourage you to do same too if you’re like me.

Love always…

What does Friendship mean to you? What type of friend do you think you are? How I can communicate better as s friend? Do share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below, thanks.



  1. ‘..and no I’m not talking about Polka dots’.. 🤣🤣.. totally get what you mean. About the selfless bit, I do my best and also give opportunity to show up and when they mess I cut off so easily.


  2. Bad friendship destroys a lotus continued for a long time, people also forget to value the friends that had always been there for them. Friendship is just a lot because you’ll always need a friend. You look amazing , the pictures are cleannn❤️


  3. I really love how this was shot in a field, I passed one the other day and I thought to myself, lord knows what animals are hiding in there 😂😂Kudos to you for being brave! Wedding planning definitely helped me appreciate good friends even more.


    1. This was actually shot in Seun’s house (my photographer), it’s pretty low grass but thanks to my short self and him climbing a roof to give it the field effect lmaooooo
      So happy your wedding was a success, loved it all.

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  4. I agree with your description of what friendship is and to add to that, I think friendship about bringing the best out of each other and also not being afraid to call each other out on our bullshit. I too am guilty of sometimes taking my really good friends for granted so now I make sure to text them more often just to let them know I’m thinking of them. I also put little money gifts in their account when I get paid especially for those that are still in school cos I know being broke is no joke lol! Great post as always Ifeoma and the whole outfit is everything! xoxo

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  5. I love this post. Friendship is definitely something I’ve always valued. As I get older I prefer to keep smaller circles of people I’ve built bonds with. I definitely appreciate those who have stuck with me for so long and we’re able to keep it real with each other and understand that what we do or say to each other is for out best interest at heart.

    Alexandra |


  6. Obsessed with these photos! Also really enjoyed reading about your thoughts on friendship. It’s funny because as we get older friendship kind of morphs into various forms rather than when you’re younger and its as simple as “you’re my best friend or you’re not” haha.


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