I was up all night thinking of the best way to tell you about the new fashion trend I’ve been obsessed with lately and by the time the sun came out, I had completely forgotten what I wanted to write about and was going to not put out a blogpost today but my mantra for this week I fact month is ‘JUST DO IT’, so I thought to make up for my lack of words by sharing a little of my life with you so CURRENTLY I AM

WEARING : At this very moment a white T-shirt and jeans which is my all time favorite combo and go to outfit of any damn day. You can see this post or this post to see how I love to style this simple effortlessly combo for different occasions.

ADMIRING : All the young people going out of their way to make a name for themselves and their families. Don’t worry, keep working, your time is coming.

WISHING : I could travel somewhere far away and start life afresh on my own terms with the supervision of my parents.

DERTERMINED TO : Take my online thrift shop ‘girlinbasicstheshop’ more seriously. If you didn’t know, I started this thrift shop in February 2018 after so much persuasion from my friends but I’ve been slacking in running it efficiently as I keep making excuses of not having enough time. I’ve learnt that if you really want something, you’d make time for it.

CRAVING : suya burger. I’m currently at work and my office shared same building with Burg so I can’t help but think of what’s going on in their kitchen.

EXCITED TO : Be turning a year older in a month. I’m hardly ever excited about my birthday but this time it’s different. Could it be because I’m finally living a happy (not perfect) life, hmmmmmm

ANTICIPATING : Some event I was invited this month, not sure I can share the details here because the invite says ‘intimate’ and ‘strictly by invitation’ but I’m hyped because it’s a brand that I admire their work ethics with other influencers outside Nigeria and I’m hoping they keep up that energy here in Nigeria.

HAPPY ABOUT : All the selfies I took today (ps I’m not even vain). It’s been a long ass time since I actually had breathing space and good lighting happen to me all at once so I had to take advantage of it and if you ain’t following me on Instagram, you’re going to be missing out on my freckly, furry photos, so go follow me NOW!!

APPRECIATING : The steady support I get from this space especially in this age that the internet is tagged as toxic.

IRRITATED BY : Sneaky people *nuff said*

INSPIRED BY : Zara’s instagram page, I absolutely love how clean and engaging their content is, hoping to create such for my brand too.

PLANNING TO : Host a photography class for creating content for beginners especially for small scale brand owners who can’t hire professional service yet. Do let me know in the comments if you’d be interested in this.

LOVING : All things pink corduroy!!! From the piece sets to the over sized jackets to the hats to this mini cami dress I thrifted. Actually was going to write a ‘TREND ALERT’ post on this but decided to update you on my life instead, I’m sorry.

REGRETTING : Not fully knowing how to manage my time well.

UNSURE ABOUT : What to do to my hair, it’s in that awkward length fro stage and I’m sick of it. Currently contemplating relaxing it and doing a pixie cut or getting braids.

READING : The Witch Child by CeliaRees and I’m absolutely loving it even though I’m only just in chapter two after over seven whole days of being gifted the book by a roadside book/magazine vendor.

LISTENING TO : Cardi B, can’t remember the name of the song but it’s the really popular one that everyone sings along to(It begins with ‘hey lil bitch’).

That’s all on Ifeoma lately, I hope to get back to regular programming and post more stuff like this that I used to earlier on. I actually thought I was out of content but I’m thankful for these type of posts that you can easily do at anytime. Do have an awesome week and thank you so much for reading this post.

Love Always…

Do we currently share anything together? Do let me know your thoughts on these type of posts by leaving me a comment below, thank you!!


12 thoughts on “CURRENTLY I AM | JUNE’18 EDITION

  1. This is on of my fave sections to read on your blog cause I’m such an aproko 😂😭

    Get a pixie cut, it would fit you and I think I have seen your Instagram where you had something similar.

    Also, yay to corduroy. I’m so glad it’s making a comeback, it’s a great versatile piece and I even wrote on it. (Shameless plug: it’s linked in this comment)

    Looking forward to more posts from you!

    Ash |


  2. Firstly I’d say I love the earrings and the confidence with which the rocked them again 🔥🔥. I think the photography class would be such a good idea especially for someone like me that’s still trying to figure out my “brand” and also happy birthday in advance! ♥️

    Ps. You were listening to BODAK YELLOW but you should totally check out Cardi B’s new album too…You might just end up loving it.


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