“Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” – Ray Bradbury

I’ve been MIA on here for over a month now and I’m sincerely sorry if you have missed me and my shenanigans but on a brighter side, it’s my birthday soon and I hope this makes you forgive me for disappearing. Looking back at my life, especially the past two years, I’d say my life has changed drastically for the better just because I stopped being a home body and started to move around my city, started to experience new things and meet new people that have affected my life positively then imagine what will happen when I start to experience new countries and travel the world. Turning 23 in less than two weeks and with all I’ve said, it’s no surprise the perfect birthday gift for me will be an all expense paid trip to one of the places on my bucket list, so in today’s post, I’ve decided to share the TOP FIVE PLACES I’d love to visit before I’m 30 because another saying goes ‘speak it into the universe and watch it happen

ANTELOPE CANYON Located in Arizona.

First heard about a canyon when one of my favorite beauty brands (that I’ve never tried their product) Glossier opened a new beauty boutique in LA that had a beautiful spot where people that visited took pictures in, then I decided to google what the canyon is and boom I discovered what I think is the most surreal place on earth. I absolutely love this place because it’s almost unbelievable that such a beauty exists in our world. This place goes further to increase my faith in God because I honestly doubt any man could have thought of making such a magnificent structure. It’s on the list for top places where photographers love to photograph so it’s little wonder my forever snapping self is itching to visit.

GUCCI GARDEN Located in Florence, Italy

Are you wondering what a broke little girl like myself wants with a Gucci garden? Well, I might be broke but I love the finer things of life. I honestly want to visit the Gucci garden because I see it as such a good marketing strategy. A few years ago, Gucci wasn’t all up in our faces and not many people cared about the historic brand till the era of Alessandro Michele who came up with the brilliant idea of setting up the Gucci garden, an interactive venue that showcases Gucci’s vision for the future, its distinct aesthetic and its evolving philosophy all the while glancing back at its celebrated history. has a lot of women from across the world including myself wanting to visit Florence just to have tea in the Gucci garden and shop their exclusive pieces.

EIFFEL TOWER located in Paris, France.

When it comes to fashion, it’s said that French girls do it best and when beauty and skincare is also mentioned, French brands are said to top the list but that’s not why I want to go to France, I badly want to have my photo taken with the Eiffel Tower as I’m yet to see a photo taken there that doesn’t look good and y’all know I’m all about the visuals.

BUCKINGHAM PALACE located in Westminster, London

Okay this one is a very funny one, I honestly never paid any attention to this place till pictures of Meaghan the current duchess of Sussex during her childhood days sitting outside the palace was released on the internet, so now I wanna go sit outside the palace too and wait for my prince to find me *hahahahaha*

RITZ CARLTON BALI located in Indonesia

Breakfast they say is the most important meal of the day but I stay forever skipping it because I sincerely can’t be bothered but lately, thanks to Instagram, I’ve started to crave a certain type of breakfast, the ‘floating breakfast’ at Ritz Carlton Bali. With a view overseeing the Indian Ocean and having your meal float around you while you swim, who am I not to want such because that is certainly the definition of ‘living your best life’. Although there are several other hotels and resorts in Bali that offer such a service, I’ve fallen in love with the Ritz because their interior design is the best I’ve come across so far.

Having my birthday in the summer season makes things even better because there is usually a lot of Summer sale on almost everything going on and from all the travel blog posts that I’ve reading (yes I read other blogs too) the number one tip they all give is for you to track your flights ahead of time so you can find cheap flights thereby helping cut cost on travel and you bet I’m already saving flight links especially those of cheap flights from Lagos to London because I gotta find my prince first that will follow me on the rest of my other adventures around the world *lmao*. I’m honestly looking forward to when I get to visit these places in years to come, don’t worry I will definitely be carrying you all along with me.

Love always…

Have you heard of the antelope canyon? Where would you love to travel to if you were given a chance to visit anywhere in the world? Share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below, thank you.


11 thoughts on “THE 5 | PLACES I WANT TO VISIT BEFORE I’M 30

  1. These places looks so nice and I believe since you’ve gotten this far then you wil get there and go beyond. Nice post and Happy birthday in advance.


  2. “I might be broke but I love the finer things of life.” I really felt that LMAO. The places on your list all sound and look cool. I didn’t know about the canyon and the Gucci Garden. Bali is so gorgeous and I would love to visit as well. Fingers crossed that you get to visit one of these places very soon! xx

    Coco Bella Blog


  3. These are all stunning places. Funny how I have never really paid attention to the canyon. I also cant wait for my floating breakfast in Bali *now working for the body that befits the image*


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