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Create from a space within yourself

that feels like home, that way

the world can never tell you

where you do or don’t belong.

So happy to be getting my blogging mojo back, sometimes having too many ideas and not being able to fully execute them can be a cause of relapse in one’s creative journey and that has been the case for me coupled with the fact that I have a lot of other things going on in my life. Thankfully, I’m one who takes her own advice and one advice that I’ve taken that I always give people is to follow people who inspire you or offer content that adds value to your life, so in today’s post, I’d be sharing with you 3 INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS THAT INSPIRE ME and why you need to follow each of them…

PEPPER YOUR TALK (@pepperyourtalk)

Founded by Dior, a young woman who is devoted to helping young fashion professionals get ready for their dream fashion career, PepperYourTalk or PYT like I fondly call it is my go to for getting my girl power button turned on as regards being a creative and it has also been an avenue for learning for me especially through their amazing blogposts and experiences of other fashion professionals that I look up to.

THEGRYAREA (@thegryarea)

They followed me at a time when I wasn’t really putting out Instagram content so it was a bit easy to track my notifications especially those of people who followed my Instagram account. I went over to check out their profile because I kinda liked their name and best believe I was blown away. I scrolled and scrolled and didn’t stop scrolling till I got to the first post they ever posted and it was totally worth my time. This is a magazine account that puts out very thoughtful content that motivates and stimulates my creative mind.

TASTINGTABLE (@tastingtable)

Found this Instagram account via everyone’s favorite Instagram bae Asiyami Gold and I’m so happy that I went on to check out their profile. Anyone that knows me, knows that I struggle with eating regularly, like I can only eat when my belly starts to hurt badly but since following TastingTable, once I’m going through my timeline and I come across their posts, it makes me start to think of food so much that I actually want to eat.

As the popular saying goes ‘garbage in, garbage out’, so I’m super conscious of the things I consume on the internet because even though it’s just social media like people say, I spend a lot of time online due to the nature of my job and the things we spend time doing have a way of shaping or affecting our lives and I’m keen on being affected positively. A big thank you to you all for always stopping by and I hope this post was worth you time.

Love always…

How do you stay inspired? Do you follow any accounts that inspire you? Do share with me by leaving a comment below, thank you.



  1. Ifeoma everytime I read your blog there is always something so refreshing. Thank you for sharing and I also love tasting tables especially as a foodie that I am.


  2. Nice IG accounts, i can see why you love ’em. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but their contents are great as well. Thanks for sharing.

    Ps: i’m suddenly craving corn, Lol


  3. Yes this was definitely worth my time! And yh I recently started following inspiring blogs and pages. I was so used to struggling to write and create content on my own, but then a good friend of mine (Peace) taught me how to learn from people who’ll inspire me 😊. That’s how I found you! And it’s been so worth it, thank you Ify!


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