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So it’s my birthday today *insert fireworks here* and I was going to do the cliche ‘23 things I’ve learned in 23 years post’ but I’m not that deep a writer and honestly I don’t think I’ve learnt up to 23 new things and I’m not about to write a blogpost filled with quotes upon quotes, so I thought to share 23 facts about this old young woman behind this blog that you might not know.

PS : This post is highly confidential.

1. I sleep a lot (okay you might already know this)

2. When I was in primary school I pee-ed on myself because I was dared to (I hate being dared)


4. I think watching tv is hella boring.

5. My favorite meal after bread and tea is Fufu and egusi soap.

6. I can’t say the word ‘THREE’.

7. I’m a very shy person but people confess to being intimidated by my presence and I honestly don’t know how that’s possible.

8. I choose songs to listen to based on the beats and not lyrics.

9. I think Beyoncé is overrated (please don’t come for me).

10. I love scrubbing and mopping floors.

11. I hate asking for any kind of help.

12. When I have to watch Tv, it has to be a murder/investigation show.

13. I enjoy trying new things, places, etc


15. I’ve been chased by a dog once, so I always take the ‘Beware Of Dogs’ sign seriously.

16. I used to be one of the fastest athletes in my high school (my fav track event was 4×4 relay).


18. I’ve loved one man consistently for 8 years now and no, it’s not my dad.

19. I’m 5feets 2.7inches down to earth.

20. My all time fav color is white.

21. I can take a bullet for my sister.

22. My pet peeve is unnecessary lies.

23. It’s my long term goal to make HEAVEN.

I suddenly feel a little naked after making this list but one of my goals for this new age is to let myself loose more often and be more vulnerable. I trust that you’d keep all this a secret and share this post with everyone you come across (lol the irony). Thank you so much for all the support I get on this platform, owning a blog is one of the reasons I’m happy and feel fulfilled today and this wouldn’t be a thing without YOU!!

Love always…

What do we have in common? Do share with me some facts about yourself, let’s get to know each other better by leaving me a comment below, thank you.


38 thoughts on “23 FACTS ABOUT ME

  1. Happy birthday!!!
    Am also obese with crime shows. I have so many on my Netflix list even real ones, my boyfriend is scared of me lol.
    I really like Beyonce’s and her music but I also think she’s overrated, but I never say that out loud before someone comes for me o 😅

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We have a lot in common especially the love part. I’ve been in love with someone since 2007. Funny thing is I’ve had three relationships within the years but they all didn’t work out. All through the relationships I still had feelings for this one person. And guess what? We are back together now. Hhahahahah Please no further questions LOL

    Happy Birthday, Ifeoma. You are Sunlight :*



  3. We’re the same height and am also too shy and I remember seeing you at smw and I enjoyed your panel.
    I also hate asking for help but am learning that it’s okay to want help.
    Happy birthday and I pray your new year will be amazing.


  4. Happy birthday Ify! Lol love the irony in the end.
    We actually have a lot in common, I’ll just put the numbers 1, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17 and ofcourse 23. And I’m short too but I don’t know my exact height 🙈
    Ps: I know you probably have a lot of birthday msgs today, well I posted one for you on my page (@bam_shey) . I hope you’ll see it❤


  5. Happy Birthday!! I can definitely relate to #7, people always think I’m mean before they get to know me. I’m just really reserved.

    Alexandra | ohsoalexblog.com


  6. I really think Beyoncé is overrated too and I say it anywhere,don’t care. But people think I’m just a hater.
    I’m also really shy but people are intimidated by me.
    Happy birthday sweet girl. I loved your photography class


  7. Happy birthday creative being! You have no idea how elated I was when I realised we are both July girls. Will be 23 in some days too and honestly I’m scared of growing old (covers face).

    I hate to shower too, I love sleeping (I wish I could make money from it), I’m very shy, I hate asking for help(far from pride), I love being by myself, I could have bread and tea 3 times in a day, I listen to songs because of my love for the beats not the lyrics, I was one of the fastest runners in my primary and secondary school days and my ultimate goal is to make Heaven. Make me your best friend already!!

    I wish you many many more years filled with God’s love, peace, joy, good health, wealth and pure talents! Have a prosperous new year, Ifeoma!!



  8. I went aww at number 6…just maybe you’re from Anambra too.. I have that as well but it really isn’t obvious unless one is intentionally trying to pick it out…

    And number 7, I get that a lot too… its so funny when people see me when I am extra chatty with close friends and they go ‘wow.. didn’t know you play this much’.

    Happy Birthday Ifeoma… Hope you get everything you wish for at the right time

    Sigh.. the thought of fufu and egusi is making me feel some type of way..I want!!!!!



  9. Happy Birthday Ifeoma. I wish you a sweet year ahead filled with God and His blessings. May your heart desires be fulfilled by His grace. Omg! I can imagine what you must have gone through to convince yourself to write this. I think we might have that in common. I don’t like putting myself in a vulnerable spot especially on social media. Hence, I’m reluctant when posting personal stuff about me. I hope you’re having a great day. Take care hun.


  10. White is my favourite colour too and I can definitely take a bullet, even two for my siblings. Happy birthday Ifeoma!!! Thank you for being different and for being and inspiration. Your blog family loves you!!

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  11. I swear we are the same people, it feels like I wrote this LMAO. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! WISH YOU THE VERY BEST AND MORE IN JESUS NAME. #JulyBabies


  12. Happy birthday Nneoma. Things we have in common: – I sleep anywhere
    – I was one in the fastest athlete in high school.
    – I so hate to shower.
    PS: Beyonce is overrated but come on she is goodddd. *winks*
    Cheers to better years ahead 🥂. You should update your age @website. 🤗🤗


  13. I most definitely love to sleep! No kidding, me and sleep.. we got a thing! And I love investigative shows too! Investigation discovery is one channel I can’t stop watching! Happy belated birthday ifeoma💕


  14. Happy birthday. I wish you all the finest things of life.
    Things we have in common
    – I love to sleep a lot , I’ll pick sleeping all day to actually going out with people
    -I’m pretty shy, too shy infact
    -I hate asking for help
    And I love being by myself


  15. Happy Birthday darl. More life and more grace and much more creativity. Its so weird how we have like a few stuff in common😂😂😂😂 the sleep part, not watching TV and when I choose to it had to channel 170 DStv, the athletics part, hate asking for help😞😞😞too and about two others. I have found my twin oooo, but you were given birth to 24hours earlier, you couldn’t chill till the 19th😂😂😂😂 maka why na


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