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Almost every year, I’m usually really in a bad mood on my birthday for reasons if you hear, you’d probably slap me into the deep blue sea but you can’t blame for putting pressure on myself to having the ‘PERFECT’ day instead of actually enjoying the fact I’m alive and have another opportunity to celebrate life, so this year, to defeat the devil and have a happy day, my friend and I planned a little weekend getaway at THE BLOWFISH HOTEL Lagos to usher in our birthday week and in this post, I’d be sharing my experience with you just incase you wanna visit too…

Booking on the day of check in was quite seamless and the receptionist was very pleasant unlike what I heard about them giving special preference to the ‘FOREIGNERS’ that stay in the hotel, she was so pleasant and sweet to me and maybe that was because I was also very polite to her in my tone of voice. The only CON at this stage was that their POS machine wasn’t working and I had to go out to withdraw cash which wasn’t much of a hassle as there is an ATMachine just in front of the hotel.

I got her to give me keys to the FOCUS room as against the STANDARD room I had paid for because the FOCUS room has a balcony view and like y’all already know, I love the finer things of life.

On getting to my room, it was spotlessly clean and that won my heart but asides from the red floor rug, my favorite part of the room was the bathtub in the bathroom that had an endless supply of hot water (if you’ve read this post you’d know why this is important) and also had a WORKING hair dryer. I was so excited about the hair dryer because that meant I can get into the pool with my wig on because my cornrows was quite *lowers voice* not presentable even to my own eyes.

The room came with breakfast for ONE which I don’t quite understand because the room is supposed to be for ‘TWO ADULTS’, so I’m not exactly sure hotels only serve free breakfast for one person. The BlowFish has about five other restaurants in it’s building so there is no need for extra cost of transportation going to get food and if you are a cheapskate like me, you might want to go to the hotel just opposite The BlowFish known as ‘Villa Angelia’ and eat at their restaurant as they are way more AFFORDABLE!!

Overall I enjoyed my stay there, it was everything I wanted it to be and more, wish it wasn’t raining all through our stay so I could have gotten more photos for your viewing pleasure but I hope you enjoy these ones and if you ever want to visit THE BLOWFISH, totally do so as it’s TheSvnflwr approved.



ROOM : 8


BREAKFAST : 8 (the meal was tasty)



Address : 17 Oju Olobun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Website : The BlowFish

Love always…

Do you ever feel pressured to having the perfect birthday? What’s your escape mechanism? Have you ever gone on a hotel getaway? Which hotels will you like to visit? Do share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below, thank you.



  1. A decent post Ifeoma, but fix this ohh –
    “Booking on the day of check-in was quite seamless and the receptionist was very UNPLEASANT unlike what I heard about them giving special preference to the ‘FOREIGNERS’ that stay in the hotel, she was so pleasant and sweet to me and maybe that was because I was also very polite to her in my tone of voice.”
    I was a bit shocked that you said booking was seamless but then the receptionist was unpleasant. I read on and saw you meant to say she was pleasant lol. Blowfish is an awesomely pink place and I hope to check it out someday! Beautiful photos! You truly lived your life in the few days spent there.


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