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I’m bringing back TIP THURSDAY!!!! Today I’m your host because I somehow haven’t sent in the questions I received on my Instagram to this week’s supposed guest and to make up for that, I’d be sharing some HOT TIPS about Instagram that I’ve tried and have worked for me. Seeing as we all agree that the Instagram Algorithm is an enemy of progress and I know it seems almost impossible to beat the Instagram Algorithm but learning about these 5 INSTAGRAM MISTAKES TO AVOID will definitely keep you at the top of your game.

1. BAD PHOTOS : Yes I know you always hear the ‘start with what you have’ sermon but honestly to get the most from your Instagram page, you need to invest in always putting out GREAT photos. It’s okay that you can’t afford an iPhone or a professional camera but you should totally consider hiring a photographer for your photos or get someone like myself that’s into product photography if you are a vendor. To make money you gotta spend money, that’s the number one rule of the earth.

2. NO NICHE : Having a niche goes further more than blogging about faith or blogging about beauty, it also applies to your Instagram page. A case study is ‘SpiritedPursuit’ who only posts travel photos or my page where I post only outfit photos and flatlays because I’m into product photography. So you have to decide what kinda pictures you want to be posting, that way people have a clear idea of what to expect from you. Even in editing your photos, you have to decide what theme your overall feed is going to have.

3. IMPROPER USE OF CAPTIONS : ‘I look cute in this HM dress’, okay girl but NEXT!! Captions are a good way to interact and gain trust from your followers why waste it telling them the obvious or saying nothing at all? With your captions you should be able to capture and inspire the mind of your audience. I’m not a deep person, so I stick to the cheesy captions with hope that someone reads it and lets out a laugh while still letting them know a certain dress is available for purchase at a certain store.

4. WRONG CROPPING : The more space your photo takes up on a screen, the more the chance of your audience engaging with it. If you post a landscape photo and let’s assume one of your followers follows Kylie Jenner and her photo is right below or above your photo on your followers feed, because your landscape photo doesn’t occupy the entire screen, there is a 60% chance that if he/she scrolls to leave a comment, the Kylie post will be a tad bit visible and your follower might just scroll away to see if Kylie cosmetics has reached one billion too. The recommended size is 4:5.

5. YOU ARE NOT ADDING VALUE : Before even worrying about people following you and engaging with your content, you should worry about what VALUE you are ADDING to these people that spare 2mins out of 24hours that’s not even enough to get around the day, to like and live a comment on you post. Using my page as an example, my audience knows that they can come to me for inspiration on how to live a fashionable lifestyle on a budget.There at definitely more tips that I’ve been experimenting on but these five are the most important, even more important than posting 10times a day at specific time and I bet if you put them into practice, you’d notice a visible difference in the growth of your Instagram page. Do stay tuned as next week we’d be learning tips on how to grow your following fast. I hope you’ve learnt a thing or two from this post, do have an amazing weekend ahead.

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Love always…

Did you learn anything new from this post? Was this any helpful to you? Do you have any tips to share? Do let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below, thank you.



  1. Of course I have learnt something. I feel like I’ve been wrong about everything. 😭 but it’s time to get it right. Thanks a lot.


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