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Can I skip the apology part of why I’ve been missing in action as I’m saving that for another post and just get right into today’s post, shall we? Everytime I talk about face masking which is my favorite skincare step to do, I get so many comments like ‘I use this and it doesn’t work for me’, so I decided to share from my experience what face masking does and my favorite three.


If you have oily skin like me, your skin will naturally and easily trap dirt from the atmosphere, thereby clogging your pores and even sometimes resulting in black or white heads. Now, this is where face masks come into play, their job is to dig deep into your pores and bring all these dirt and impurities out of your pores to the surface of your skin so they can be handled accordingly (please note that some face masks serve other purposes). In my skincare routine, I’d cleanse first, then mask, then exfoliate. I’ve found that this routine leaves my skin feeling really clean and smoother as I suffer from black heads as a result of my large pores.


This mask is known as the BEAUTY FORMULA CHARCOAL MASK. This was legit the first mask I fell in love with and made me begin my journey as a face mask connoisseur. It is very affordable, costs less than 2,000naira ($5), gets the job done and everyone totally gets the ‘do not disturb’ movement once they see all that black ashy thing all over your face with you saying a word of it, no wonder it’s one of the most popular face charcoal face mask around. It’s power ingredient is the ACTIVATED CHARCOAL.

Point Of Purchase : Ebeano Supermarket Lekki


If I’m ever asked to recommend a face mask that will have you seeing what face masks do, this is the one I’d preach about. It is the YVES ROCHER SEBO VEGETAL PURIFYING MASK. First time I tried this mask, although it says leave on for 10minutes, I had it on over night (I was so tired I slept off) and by morning when I rinsed it off, boy my skin felt *PURIFIED*, it was in this moment I believed the French brands do skincare better hype. The following time I used this mask, I didn’t leave it in as long and I saw lots of white heads on the surface of my skin on rinsing which I gently scrubbed off using my cellulose face sponge (will shed more light on this later). The power ingredient in this is the BAIKAL POWDER (it’s also color, paraben, mineral oil free). This one costs $13 online but 4,000naira in store which is a cheaper option.

Point Of Purchase : Yves Rocher Store, Palms Mall Lekki.


Call me silly but I was willing to put my skin on the line to try this pink mask because I’m currently in a ‘love all things pink’ stage in my life and also as a lifestyle influencer (me hyping myself lol) it’s also my job to test things out for you so you don’t make wrong choices. This pink pot is known as the FIG+YARROW CLAY ROSE MASK. I was looking at this out of curiosity as I’ve never heard of the brand before and the store owner was kind enough to gift it to me. I have only tried this out once which was yesterday, at first there was a stingy sensation but after a few seconds that stopped as the mask dried. On rinsing, the part of my face where I applied this seemed to be the smoothest of them all so I can’t wait to try it out some more to make my verdict about the brand but you can totally try this out with me too if you like pink. The power ingredients are IRON DIOXIDE, MORROCCAN LAVA CLAY and ROSEWOOD OIL. This one is the priciest of them all costing $24 and I bet it costs even more in store.

Point Of Gifting : TheBeautyBox, 2 Alexander Road, Ikoyi

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed gushing about my masking favorites. I’ve been on a quest of creating better blog content as regards writing and visuals that I stopped been pleased with my work but I thought to myself that if these photos are good enough to be on my Instagram page, that means they are good enough to be on my blog. It is very necessary to want to improve in all that you do but don’t let it stop you from creating entirely (a note to self). Do enjoy the rest of your week and you’d definitely be reading from me again soon.

Love always…

Let me know what you think, have you tried or heard of these before? Did you enjoy reading this post? What other type of content will you like to see here? Kindly let me know in a comment below, thank you.



  1. Never a mask person, now you make me wanna be one.
    My face is pretty smooth and never had to deal with facial stress, i am pretty worried starting something might ruin this. What are your thoughts?

    Thanks for the inspo Ifeoma. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m beginning to feel odd because I’ve never tried using any face mask. No particular reason, I’ve just not been able to lay my hands on anyone. I should definitely give one of these a try. Thanks for sharing your favourites.

    BTW, I love the first picture, super cute! Your skin is lovely too.

    About the posts I’d love to see on the blog! Well, your journey in the blogosphere(when you started, the good, bad, ugly and lessons), a day in your life, more about your lifestyle and abundant tips! Thanks in advance.



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