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The blogosphere was our place of sharing our experiences and what not but of late, I’ve come to realize that we have began to shift base to other social media platforms and paying less attention to blogs (read ‘we’ as me). Quite a couple of people have asked me questions about ‘HOW TO GET JOBS IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY’ especially in Nigeria and I doubt an Instagram caption will give me enough room to spill all the tea about my TOP 5 TIPS TO GETTING INTO THE FASHION INDUSTRY on your own, so I decided to write it in a blogpost, that’s why we are here…


First you’ve got to ask yourself what it is you have to offer, do you know your way with social media, do you like to make fashion sketches, do you design clothes in your sleep, can you convince people to buy trash bags?etc. Knowing what you can do ‘WELL’ helps put you in the right path and also makes it easier for you to find and market yourself to potential employers.


My first ever internship was at, from a tweet that was posted over 3months before I saw it and I saw after various google searches for internship in Lagos, Nigeria. I reached out asking if they still needed a ‘social media intern’ and an interview was set at which I surpassed the targets set for me at the interview (see where knowing your strength comes to play). Almost every brand puts word out when they are looking to hire staff on the internet, so instead of spending time hunting the funniest memes and gifs, spend it doing your research on brands you’d like to work with or even brands that you think might need you on board.


Most of the jobs I’ve gotten, from social media to hair styling to photography to creative direction etc, have been as a result of people seeing what I’m capable of. My first job I got when I was in high school was to style hair at Fashpa’s first ever photoshoot for their brand because someone who was working on set with the brand has seen me style my hair and my friends hair and thought instead of paying a known hairstylist a lot of money, they could hire me and still get awesome results for less. Also with photography, people reach out to me based on what they see on my Instagram page or blog and want similar looking images for their brand pages too. I’ve been privileged to have worked with the LagosFashionWeek team as regards curating their instastories during fashion week simply because the person in charge of social media watched my own stories and liked it. So if you’d like to be a stylist or illustrator etc don’t wait till you’re hired, start styling your friends, making sketches of your ideas etc because you don’t know who is watching.


I’m going to assume this is self explanatory and move on to…


After doing hair at the Fashpa shoot, I saw a call for interns years later and on applying for it, both myself and the founder recognized each other which led to me being hired on the spot because from past experience she knows I get work done. Even after the internship duration, she still went on to offer me a full time employment role as the companies social media manager because while interning, I put in my best. Another example is a skincare brand collaborating with me by sponsoring a blogpost reviewing their product and after seeing images from the collaboration blogpost, they reached out again but this time asking me to photograph their products for a fee without even knowing that content curation for brands is a service I already offer. Once an opportunity is given to you, always be sure to do your homework and give in your best so you can put out good quality work. As humans, we might fall short of other people’s expectations of us but let it never be a case of she/he did a mediocre job.

*All images were found on Pinterest and not owned by me*

In conclusion, ‘sit down and be humble’ said a great artist (Kendrick Lamar) and I totally stan that sentence because that’s the only way to attract people that have been placed in the universe to help you climb up to where you aspire to be. Hopefully someday I’d get to interview pros in this field to provide more in depth knowledge but till then, I hope I’ve been able to provide you with useful tips to pursue that career of your dreams.

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Love always…

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