Currently listening to Jon Bellion | Hand Of GodHappy Saturday my darlings! Today I thought I’d share a post about something that I get questioned about a lot over the past years and that’s my everyday jewelry! I always get questions about where I got them, how I’m able to maintain them, how much I spent on them etc. So in today’s blogpost, I’m going to be sharing each piece with you and teaching you in three steps how to choose the perfect everyday jewelry to suit your lifestyle on a budget.

THE COLLECTION | COLOR IS IMPORTANTI have a really warm undertone so I find that gold suits my complexion more than silver hence when I’m shopping for jewelry no matter how pretty the silver jewelries look, I don’t spend any money on them as I already know they don’t suit me. To know your undertone, you can take this quiz.

THE NECKLACE | CLIMATE SHOULD BE CONSIDEREDI live in Nigeria which means it’s usually hot and sunny most of the time leaving me with only two options when it comes to what I wear around my neck, the options being either gold GOLD or sterling gold. Being on a budget, you bet the only option my bank account can let me have is the sterling gold which is simply just gold plated fine silver instead of mere base metal.

THE EARRING | SENSE OF STYLE IS KEYIf you’re a maximalist then extravagant bold earrings or jewelry might be your preference but as a minimalist (that also buys very extravagant, fancy earrings for buying sake), the hoops are my best bet because they are easy to wear and pretty much go well with every outfit (well this depends on the size). I opted for a medium sized hoop as it’s not in your face and still present enough to make my face pop.

THE ARM CANDY | THINK OF YOUR DAILY ROUTINEI bath, sleep, eat, swim, work, dream etc with every jewelry in this blogpost so that really is the most important factor for me when choosing jewelry pieces. Asides from being quality and durable to withstand any weather, I have to make sure they are comfortable for me to dive in my bed without sustaining any injuries or being in discomfort so while picking out this bracelet, I tried it on and it felt almost non existent. So if your like me, you should always consider to buy very lightweight pieces at all times.

showing off a gift from my mom (she knows my style)

CLEANING TIP : If you own sterling gold like me, after sometime of constant wear, they tend to appear dull. Just dip them in a glass of sprite, the acids in soda will get rid of the dirt molecules EASILY.

I hardly switch up on things especially in the case of my necklace (if found not on my neck please call 911) but if I do, I’d be sure to keep y’all updated. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I loved photographing my everyday jewelry pieces for you to see and I also hope you’ve learnt something new from this post.

Love always…

Do you have any piece of jewelry you wear everyday? Did you learn anything new from this post? Please let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below, I absolutely love reading from you.



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