Currently listening to the blaring horns of Lagos motorists

Once every year, fashion folks in Nigeria, around Africa and the world at large flocks to Lagos, Nigeria to attend the four days long marathon of fashion shows. The most exciting part for me over the years isn’t really the shows but the numerous indigenous (or not) outfits put together by the people in attendance and in my opinion, an integral part of putting together an outfit for any occasion including fashion week is choosing the right pair of shoes, so in today’s post I’d be sharing with you THREE SHOE STYLES that will make you the most well-heeled fashion week attendee without making you feel miserable during the shows and also where you can get them in Lagos before the start of the shows.


This one is a no brainer!!!! Lagos roads aren’t really the best out there, so save your legs and stiletto heels the stress with this style of shoe. I personally think they are called ‘blocked’ heels because they are weapon used in fashion to pull your outfit together and ‘block’ out stress and also ‘block’ you from the embarrassment of falling after your 6inched heel gives Lagos potholes a high five.If you need one of this you can check IG : @theshoppershaven


Thankfully, we have Lagos fashion week after New York, London and Milan etc fashion week and from the streetstyle report, trainers are totally one of the most fashionable shoe styles right now especially with the comeback of the chunky heeled trainers. Trainers, if properly styled can go very well with any outfit from jeans, to skirts to even dinner dresses if that’s your spec.

If you need one you can check IG : @olahsgrace


This is my pick!!! If I’m going to be attending this years Lagos Fashion Week, I’d definitely be styling my new slippers from a brand known as NyneAndNuel. These days with the emergence of several brands that make hand made slippers, slippers have gone from too casual to acceptable for several occasions. I believe streetstyle is all about showing up in how you’d normally slay the streets and if you know me, you’d know that I can wear slippers anywhere which makes working in fashion really cool and for fashion week you’d definitely be needing that comfort.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what people will bring to the streets of style this year but in choosing your outfits be sure to put into serious consideration that there isn’t really a lot of spaces to sit which means you’d be on your feet most of the time. Can’t wait to meet some of you reading this post right now and if you’d not e in attendance I do hope I can take some streetstyle photos to share here so you can partake in the fun too.

Love always…

What trends do you expect to see this year at Lagos Fashion Week? Have you ever attended the shows? If you were to wear only one of the three styles, which will it be? Looking forward to hearing from you, do leave a comment below.



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