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Seeing as Lagos fashion week begins the season of festivities from now till the end of the year, which I think means a lot of traveling for a lot of people and traveling quick means being jet lag most of the time. So in deliberate effort to share the little I know regularly here, I’ve decided to let you in on my top three tips to slaying through the jet lag.


While almost every beauty enthusiast swears by eye creams, there have also been tons of reports saying eye creams are very unnecessary because they usually contain the same ingredients as a regular moisturizer. From my own point of view, I think you absolutely need them as most times while applying moisturizers on own faces, there is a 98% chance we skip the area directly below our eyes so have a moisturizer in a smaller package known as eye cream will make you conscious about having that area moisturized thereby reducing wrinkles and signs of fatigue in that area that will result from a lack of sleep. A good type of eye cream to get is the olays hydrating gel or any product that contains ‘hyaluronic acid’ as this helps draw water to the surface of the skin to get a plump skin effect like you have had all the rest in the world.


In cases where your eye cream is taking a while to hide the stress around your eyes which is the area people usually notice a jet lag first, you’d have to fake it till you make it with bold fashionable sun shades. Honestly glasses work all the magic for me, I’m shy? I throw on my shades, I’m tired? I thrown on my shades, I’m trying to look put together? I throw on my shades etc. You wear these things and you automatically look like you ain’t got no worries not even lack of sleep.


Of all the three tips, this is the most budget friendly and you all already know I’m kinda a cheapskate (ssssssshhhhhhhhh let’s keep this a secret as much as possible) so I have to figure out a way to deal with jet lag that doesn’t necessarily involve spending lots of money and that’s simply drinking your water, cliche right? but it’s very effective as drinking water before, during, and after your flight will counteract dehydration or disruption in sleep pattern that might result from consuming alcohol and caffeine.

For now I’m pretty much stuck in Lagos as I’m just settling into life after uni but I’ve been saving and making conscious efforts to take a trip somewhere fancy and interesting, maybe if I can find cheap flights to Dubai, just might travel there (in my dreams) by the end of year, so y’all join me in prayers to make this a reality. I do hope you sincerely enjoyed this post and learnt something new as that’s always my aim when I hit publish.

Love always…



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